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Long-term outcome of active achalasia treated with a novel botulinum toxin injection. To investigate the long-term efficacy of peroral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) for the treatment of active achalasia. One-hundred and ten consecutive patients with active achalasia were treated with POEM between September 2008 and December 2012. The therapeutic outcomes were evaluated with Eckhard's diagnostic criteria, Eckhard's quality of life questionnaire and barium esophagogram. The incidence of adverse events, especially esophageal perforation, was recorded. The follow-up rate was 92.2%. According to the Eckhard's diagnostic criteria and the quality of life questionnaire, 10 patients were classified as responders (CR), and 80 as nonresponders (NR) (90% vs. 70%). The incidence of esophageal perforation was 0.9% (1/110). The follow-up period ranged from 12 to 63 months. Active achalasia is a relatively simple endoscopic condition that responds well to POEM. The therapeutic efficacy of POEM in patients with active achalasia is durable.The present invention relates to a cargo handling apparatus for use with a vehicle, such as a truck, and more specifically to an improved cargo holding apparatus that allows for the transportation of a wide variety of cargo, including large and heavy cargo. Cargo or freight cars are used in transporting large and heavy cargo. Typically, cargo cars are constructed with an enclosed space that holds the cargo. In addition to the enclosed space, cargo cars typically also have a framework that can be used to attach the cargo car to the vehicle that is moving the cargo. When transporting cargo that is in a plurality of separate bundles, the cargo can be organized in a way to enable the cargo to fit within the cargo car. To reduce on-the-road time, and the size of the vehicle used to transport the cargo, more recently, a cab-forward (CF) cargo design has been proposed. In this design, the cargo car is designed to be coupled to the vehicle in a position that allows the driver to see out of the front of the vehicle. The cargo car may be coupled to the vehicle at a position that is forward of the vehicle, such that the majority of the cabin of the vehicle is between the cargo car and the road. In this way, the time that the vehicle is stopped is reduced, since the driver is not required to move the cabin of the vehicle to get




CyberLink PowerDirector 12.0.2923 Ultimate Portable

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